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+ - Radiohead allows fans to decide on price 2

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radicalskeptic writes "Radiohead, a band known to be unhappy with other music download services, has decided to release their next album, "In Rainbows", in two formats: a £40 boxed set and a digital download. What's the catch? Customers who purchase the digital download are able to name their own price for the album. This is the first Radiohead release since their contract with EMI expired. As "The Majors" continue to lose relevance, can we expect more of this type of experimentation and flexibility from independent artists?"
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Radiohead allows fans to decide on price

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  • Radiohead got burned on their last album, Hail to the Thief. There were subtle differences in the mix of the leaked version and the one that eventually got released. If I remember correctly, that really got their ire up. Anyways, this release format is a great idea and I hope it will urge more bands to follow suit and eschew the major label paradigm, which is completely toxic and adverse to the creative process. GO RADIOHEAD!!
    • by motank (867244)
      seriously, radiohead fucking rule.

      every time some hot indie band signs on to a major a part of me dies (not that it stops me from listening).. with the internet you can do your own publicity (myspace and blogs), get a bunch of *free* publicity (myspace and blogs), and release music on your own -- as mp3s, humanity's favorite music format since 1999. what do you need a label for anymore?

      i know radiohead is radiohead, so they can afford to do anything, but i hope it inspires other bands to do it this way too.

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