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+ - Amazon DRM-Less Music Store goes Beta 2

Submitted by LowSNR
LowSNR (1138511) writes "Amazon this morning moved their DRM-Free music store into open beta. According to the release, "Since all our digital music downloads are DRM-free, you can play them on anything that plays mp3s including PCs, Macs(TM), iPods(TM), Zunes(TM), Zens(TM), iPhones(TM), RAZRs(TM), and BlackBerrys. Plus, our Amazon MP3 Downloader application makes it easy to add your downloads to iTunes(TM) and Windows Media Player(TM), so you can sync up your devices or burn your music to CD hassle-free." Not to mention Linux."
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Amazon DRM-Less Music Store goes Beta

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  • by GuyinVA (707456)
    [homer simpson]Mmmm, DRM-Free music...[/homer simpson] Anyone know what the bit-rate is going to be? For $.89 i can't imagine it'll be top quality, but fine for 90% of the people.
  • The easy url is []

    Bit-rate is 256kbps VBR (they say some tracks will be in CBR). The free sample track I downloaded (Energy by The Apples in Stereo) is reported in iTunes as 280kbps VBR encoded in LAME 3.97.

    The download helper app is supposedly only required in order to download whole albums, not for individual tracks. The download helper app is tiny - 575 kb for the Windows version. There is a Mac version as well, and they are supposedly also working on a Linux version.

    The whole thing

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