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mykdavies writes: Squeak is a multi-platform Open Source Smalltalk, and home of eToys, which is included in the OLPC XO laptop due to be released later this year. Due to the growing interest in the language, a group of Squeakers has just released a new introduction to Squeak. The book, Squeak By Example, is a step-by-step guide to the language and the environment. It's available as a free PDF, or as hard-copy from — see the book's website for details.
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New Squeak Smalltalk book published

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  • I downloaded the book and started following its examples over the weekend.

    It is fast-paced, yet a gentle introduction to Squeak. It took me gently past the parts of the GUI and the code browser that tripped me up in other tutorials.

    The authors are giants in the Smalltalk world, and I look forward to learning more from them.

    (Strange how this story hasn't received any comments yet.)

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