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+ - What to do with $100k ... a geek's dream / dilemma 2

Submitted by Anonymous (but lucky) Coward
Anonymous (but lucky) Coward (666) writes "It looks like I'm about to cash in on a pet project I've been nurturing for a few years; a company has stepped forward and is about to pay me roughly $100k for some software I developed. Good for me!

The problem I now face is what do I do with this money? I'm a US citizen in my early 40's, and expect that Uncle Sam will swoop in to take almost 40% of this windfall. What options are there for me to make best advantage of this situation? Is there any way I can avoid or minimize the tax hit?

Basically, what would SlashDotters do?"
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What to do with $100k ... a geek's dream / dilemma

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  • Donations can be tax deductible. So basically since you know you will lose a lot of money you might as well spend it where it matters to you. What I would personally do is buy an apartment building or whatever you call it in english. So basically you would then invest thousands to modernize the building and that would be deductible. At least it is in Canada. So with your 100 000, I'd buy 3 buildings containing 4 to 6 appartments. You put a down payment of about 20k on each (60 000$ in total) and you use y

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