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+ - No gnu/linux love from ID software-> 1 1

gnarlin writes: "According to's article (in German) ID software will no longer be porting their games to gnu/linux starting with the new Rage game being developed. Another article at beyond3d has the details in english. Is this due to lack of sales? This seems to be a major blow to gnu/linux gamers everywhere, especially when gnu/linux users are finally getting good Free software drivers for AMD's/ATI's graphic chips."
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No gnu/linux love from ID software

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  • iD chose to abstain from a market of several thousand gamers. Can anyone blame them? If the linux gaming revolution (tm) was ever going to happen it would have by now, and I'm glad Carmack has finally realized the futility of trying.

This is clearly another case of too many mad scientists, and not enough hunchbacks.