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+ - Apparent GPL violation in ICO for PS2-> 1

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astrange writes "While checking out Sony's PS2 game ICO, I found what looks a lot like a GPL violation in it. It's a small one, but I've never heard of any being found in a console game before. Unfortunately, I can't reach the original author — he doesn't seem to read his email, and I can't go calling his company in Japan. Can the rest of the Internet get further than I can?"
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Apparent GPL violation in ICO for PS2

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  • That's some excellent detective work. The decompression code seems to work on the NTSC as well as PAL releases of Ico. It's a shame too, since Sony has traditionally been rather supportive of using GPLed software (the right way) in the PS2/PS3 development process. Regardless of whether it was a stopgap that made it into production, or just a lazy programmer, something that blatant should really be addressed.

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