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JonathanF writes "If you were hoping judges would see reason and realize that just using a program that could violate copyright law was about as illegal as leaving your back door unlocked, think again: an Arizona district judge has ruled that a couple who hosted files in KaZaA is liable for over $40K in damages just because they "made available" songs that could have been pirated by someone, somewhere. There's legal precedent, but how long do we have before the BitTorrent crew is sued?"
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Judge: use P2P, you're stealing music

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  • I mean... it's not like they are being forced to put their media files in the directory that the P2P program uses for sharing. Heck, most such programs are configurable to specify which directories to use. If a person is too lazy to avoid configuring it to avoid using folders that the person isn't supposed to be able to share, they get no sympathy from me. If they just didn't know about it, well.... they sure will in the future, won't they? People need to accept the responsibility for their choices, ev

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