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+ - IP Phones and Exchange Support in a Modern PBX

Submitted by RulerOf
RulerOf (975607) writes "I work for a small business as an IT manager, and we're currently orchestrating a move to a new location because we have more than outgrown our original office. With this move, we're (finally) investing in a proper business class PBX-based phone system, but due to my limited experience with various phone systems, I am having trouble making my own decisions on what particular features and technologies I should consider when I look at my boss and say "This is what we should get." The nerd in me wants to recommend an IP based phone system for the elegance and potential features they should offer, but the realist in me is having a hard time justifying the additional expenditure inherently associated with an IP based phone system and PBX.

In your experience, is there any phone system that can give the features I desire, such as full accounting with Active Directory and Exchange integration (big plus), web management with Windows Authentication, and all the features one would expect out of any PBX-based phone system? Would these features consequently only exist in an IP based phone system? Can I find what I'm looking for in a more traditional system and save money?"
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IP Phones and Exchange Support in a Modern PBX

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