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+ - 10 Reasons it doesn't pay to be "The Computer-> 1

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An anonymous reader writes " has an article discussing 10 Reasons it doesn't pay to be "The Computer Guy." Reasons vary from the declining cost of computers to some less obvious but still valid points. The article begins with a familiar scene: a group of strangers take immediate interest in you after mentioning you work with computers."
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10 Reasons it doesn't pay to be "The Computer

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  • Reason #10 - Most Of Your Accomplishments Are Invisible

    "Visit Zumi, enter the name of the street, click print. Oh, BTW, the page you're printing, I made it."

    Reason #9 - Every Conversation You Have Is Roughly The Same

    "Oh, I did some admining in the past, but currently I'm frontend technology specialist. I've completely lost the edge in the user support and maintenance, the world is running ahead so quickly that even a year of a break you're completely useless in these things. But I know a good guy who can do

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