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+ - Richard "RMS" Stallman Peru Earthquake 2

Submitted by ro1
ro1 (988039) writes "From the Freenode IRC Network Staff: 18:43 [freenode] -!- WALLOP RichiH: Hi all. As you will surely have heard, there was a major earthquake in Peru. It seems Richard 'RMS' Stallmann was travelling from Lima to Chimbote with Mario Ramos on August 15th and no one has heard from him since. If you have any information, please email or poke us in #freenode. Also, if you happen to live in South or Central America, Plase consider donating blood as that is the only thing that can not easily be transported from outsid"
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Richard "RMS" Stallman Peru Earthquake

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  • It lacked 'e.', so people did not miss much. It has been pointed out to me that donating blood in North America could help as well, so please consider doing that. The email that sparked my wallop can be found here [].

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