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+ - Mozilla admits Firefox is flawed just like IE-> 1

Submitted by jdelator
jdelator (1131933) writes "In a public mea culpa, Mozilla Corp.'s chief security officer acknowledged today that Firefox includes the same flaw that the company called a "critical vulnerability" in Internet Explorer during a two-week ruckus over responsibility for a Windows zero-day bug.

"Over the weekend, we learned about a new scenario that identifies ways that Firefox could also be used as the entry point," said Window Snyder of Mozilla. "While browsing with Firefox, a specially crafted URL could potentially be used to send bad data to another application.

"We thought this was just a problem with IE," Snyder continued. "It turns out, it is a problem with Firefox as well.""

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Mozilla admits Firefox is flawed just like IE

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  • In the first instance, it was the fault of both Mozilla and IE - Firefox should validate input passed through other applications. In the second instance, it's Mozilla's and Trillian's; unlike in IE, where the firefoxurl protocol is little used, protocols passing to programs like Trillian are expected - in both IE and Firefox, sites will link to instant messaging, IRC, and other protocols.

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