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+ - Slashdot and the tagging fad 2

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An anonymous reader writes "Here's a question for the slashdot crowd. Tagging is one of those fads that seems to be everywhere, and slashdot has picked it up too. After watching how people use tagging since it's introduction here, it appears that it's mostly useless though, given that nearly every article gets tagged with either contradictory tags ("yes","no","yesno", all on one post) or ones that are opinions of the tag posters ("slownewsday", "whoopeef*ck", "wewerenotmeanttobe", as a sampling from the current front page). The remaining tags of any value seem to be solely for the purpose of categorizing, and can be achieved without tagging by editors simply putting articles in the right category/subcategory. So my question: why bother with the tagging thing? Can we get that useless garbage off of the front page so we don't have to see "whoopeef*ck* and other childish noise?"
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Slashdot and the tagging fad

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  • by Lockejaw (955650)

    or ones that are opinions of the tag posters ("slownewsday", "whoopeef*ck", "wewerenotmeanttobe", as a sampling from the current front page)

    What's wrong with that? The opinion tags are a nice way to get a summary of /.'s collective opinion, identify and skip over nonstories, and search for articles with a common theme. Some tags get abused and/or overused ("yes" "no" "maybe" "itsatrap"), but that doesn't seem like a good reason to get rid of them -- the large numbers of troll posts haven't convinced people

    • by SharpFang (651121)
      "free energy" -"no"
      "haha" -"slownewsday" -"lame"
      "review" "firewall" -"slashvert" -"slashvertisment"
      "microsoft" "evil"

      Also, sometimes tags fall victim of trolls.

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