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+ - Is RIAA's Linares Affidavit Technically Valid? 1

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NewYorkCountryLawyer writes "In support of its ex parte, "John Doe", discovery applications against college students, the RIAA has been using a declaration by its "Anti-Piracy" Vice President Carlos Linares" (pdf) to show the Judge that it has a good copyright infringement case against the "John Does". A Boston University student has challenged the validity of Mr. Linares's declaration, and the RIAA is fighting back. Would appreciate the Slashdot community's take on the validity of Mr. Linares's "science"."
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Is RIAA's Linares Affidavit Technically Valid?

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    IP adresses of computers on the internet is not unique. A home user typically have one IP address, and typically have a network and a wireless network with multiple computers, including, unknowingly, possibly a neighbors PC as well as a laptop in a car parked in the street outside. All behind the NAT router.

    All these computers typically share 1 IP address behind the NAT router.

    IP addresses are changed on the fly, and it may be hard to document who had which at what time while maintaining evidence standa

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