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United States

+ - US Military site - Windows only please

Submitted by
An anonymous reader writes "Editors — please edit this, I failed English (my native language, go figure)
If you have family and friends fighting overseas, you can chat with them courtesy of the US military, as long as you are using Windows that is. For a site intended to be used by mostly non-technical people, you would think they could afford to purchase a signed certificate from a known authority. Sure it's signed by "DOD CLASS 3 CA-7" with SHA1 and MD5 fingerprints, but Mom and Pop go glassy-eyed when I try to explain. The first call I received from my mother-in-law trying to chat with her daughter was "Unable to verify trusted site — what do I do?". Next call was "it doesn't work". OK, Safari doesn't work so on to Firefox. I can log in and change passwords in Firefox, but trying to chat brings up the error "You must use Netscape Navigator 7 or better". OK, download Navigator 9 (comparing apples to apples?) and get the same error. "You are using Netscape Navigator 5, you need Netscape Navigator 7 or better." Wrong, I'm definitely using Navigator 9, which IDs itself as Mozilla/5.0

The application is apparently Java, so what is the big deal? All a worried mother wants to do is chat with her daughter away from home in the desert."

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