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Submission + - More Ethics Woes for HP

The Breeze writes: HP is in the news again for ethics issues, which is the last thing it wants. According to a Fortune Magazine story on CNN.COM, contrary to HP's previous assertions that the "pretexting" scandal was an "aberration", HP apparently has been doing all sorts of nasty stuff for quite some time, spying on Dell and obtaining confidential Dell documents about their printer strategy. Oops. And then they made the mistake of trying to run a dirty tricks campaign against one of the very guys who was involved in what he called "covert ops" for HP. Double Oops. To top it off, when the ex-wife-to-be tipped off HP inadvertently by sniffing around HP trying to find hidden assets, HP then threatened to criminally prosecute HER because she was married to a guy who somehow irritated HP. The story basically says, "we don't know everything that HP did wrong, but we've been able to find quite a bit."

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