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+ - Aussie software pirate extradition a first of many

Submitted by schliz
schliz (994115) writes "The U.S. government's recent extradition of software pirate Hew Griffiths (of Drink or Die fame) from Australia could have opened the doors to equally harsh punishments for software pirates worldwide, predicts an Australian technology lawyer in a recent interview with Computerworld.

"I think what the Hew Griffiths case shows is that you do need to be very aware that particularly in the U.S., where the number one export is intellectual property, they are incredibly vigilant, and this has been a very significant coup for them and I see this as the start of more international prosecution for cyber-related crime," Nick Abrahams of the Communications and Media Law Association is quoted as saying.

Now awaiting sentencing in the U.S., Griffiths faces a maximum sentence of 10 years in an American prison and a $US500,000 fine — which seems rather harsh, considering the average sentence for rape in the Australian state of Victoria is six years and 10 months."

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