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+ - Free software licenses?

Submitted by
leptonhead writes "If you are a Windows user and are anything like me, you have a couple of apps on your computer that you cannot live without, but somehow haven't come around to buying. In my case, these are the latest version of Agnitum's Outpost firewall (still using a crashy version 2.0 with an expired upgrade license that I bought ages ago) and Rarlabs WinRAR archiver (the shareware notifier of which I have learned to suppress from consciouness). I have been thinking of upgrading to the new version of Outpost but don't feel like shelling out the $40 for an upgrade that should be free (all I want is the crashyness to go away, don't need any new features). I have also promised myself a thousand times that I will pay for WinRAR, which is just a great piece of software. But somehow it doesn't offer enough advantages over 7Zip to motivate me to pay the $30. Enter TrialPay. This new startup, backed by investors who previously helped Skype become a success, introduces a new business model for software and other digital goods with little or no reproduction cost. The consumer (me!) pays the product by signing up for a trial (for instance register an account at eBay) or other similar deal at another company... Click here to read more and see a list of software licenses you can obtain for free in this way."

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