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+ - BBC World report on WTC 7 collapse 23 mins early.

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Anonymous Coward
Anonymous Coward writes "World Trade Center building 7, aka the Salomon Bro's building, collapsed around 5:20pm EDT (10:20pm BST) supposedley due to weakening and fire damage caused by the collapse of the twin towers WTC1 and WTC2.

The BBC however reported the collapse at 4:57pm (9:57pm BST) EDT, apparently recieving this information from a newsfeed.

How can this be? Was the destruction of building 7 scheduled? And why have google removed the video clips as soon as they go up? Also, the BBC is now saying that they have lost all of the 9/11 tapes from that day.

If building 7 had a scheduled demolition, what does that mean for the events of the entire day? 7/260207building7.htm

and the BBC response: _of_the_conspiracy.html#commentsanchor"

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