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Submission + - Joost to Announce Deal With JumpTV

TIME Magazine writes: "TIME Exclusive: Joost Plans to Announce Deal With JumpTV. TIME has learned that Joost will announce "a deal with JumpTV, the world's largest distributor of international TV stations, to begin distributing programming from some of the 270 stations in 70 countries that JumpTV owns rights to." TIME's Jeremy Caplan calls Joost a "potentially huge revolution" that will move TV to the internet, with easy-to-use, dvd-quality features and the possibility of more than 50,000 channels. He writes, "Viacom, which recently yanked its programs from YouTube, has now signed a deal to supply Joost with movies from Paramount and programming from MTV , Comedy Central, Nickelodeon and other stations." Complete story at,8599,1 595049,00.html The March 12, 2007 issue of TIME goes on sale on Friday, March 2"

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