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+ - Vista's UAC Warnings Can't Be Trusted, Symantec ..

Submitted by
duckzin writes "Well the article just proves what we all know, Vistas changes on security don't worth a penny and Microsoft not looking at this breach as a problem just proves another thing, they must like having their OS hacked...

Well, they might, they make pretty good money when they launch a service pack, we should start a pool to see how long will vista last without a S.P., I would say 6 months...

Anyone who have ever used a Linux desktop and now Vista can see that MS didn't have any original ideas, except for that search engine, and worst, using the google gadget idea, was just... uhhh...


and now Google, but I don't think google will fail to compete with MS, they are even putting their own office on the market for 50$ per computer...

Well I will let you guys take your own conclusions about the MS.

http://www.pcworld.com/article/id,129268/article.h tml"

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