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The Courts

+ - The Beginning of the end for Jack Thompson?

Submitted by Buzzsaw5
Buzzsaw5 (1047078) writes "Looks like anti video game activist and jackleg lawyer Jack Thompson's unscrupulous actions in his crusade to bring down Take-Two (publisher of the Grand Theft Auto game series), and anyone who disagrees with him, may have finally caught up to him. As reported at GamePolitics, Thompson "faces a disciplinary hearing before a referee appointed by the Florida Supreme Court. The pending judicial review follows a recent recommendation by the Florida Bar that five counts of professional misconduct against Thompson should proceed to the state's high court for action. If the charges are eventually upheld, Thompson could face disciplinary action up to and including disbarment." Thompson has assured GP that the Florida bar is in more trouble than he is (presumably for daring to sully his prophetic image). The sad thing is that regardless of the beat down he's facing, clueless and/or sensationalist media outlets and activists will continue to give credence to Jack Thompson's inanity, slander and outright lies. Don't expect Thompson to go down without a fierce fight, as he will do anything to remain relevant."

Are we running light with overbyte?