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Hardware Hacking

+ - DIY Laptop Repairing/Modding

Submitted by
Inverted Intellect
Inverted Intellect writes "I've got an old (relatively speaking) AOpen P4 laptop which died on me for what was then an unknown cause, but turned out to be an HDD failure. Seeing as how the LCD had already begun to crap out on me, I took it apart, hoping to be able to mod it into an acceptable DVR, most likely with a simple custom-constructed case. However, I've been hampered by a lack of understanding when it comes to the various connectors found on the motherboard, as I have had no experience what-so-ever with laptop motherboards. Despite repeated searches, I have thus far been largely unsuccessful in finding out what standards apply to its connectors, what purpose a few of them are supposed to serve in the first place, and what exactly my options are with regards to components.

What would be a good source for finding out about the connectors in question? Exhaustive repositories of connectors standards, practical explanations of their use, or any other related sort of book or website would be helpful."

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