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+ - Touchpad Cellphones Let Your Cheek Do The Walking

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Fnord666 writes: On Monday, interface developer Synaptics, together with Pilotfish, an industrial design company, announced a keyless prototype of a mobile phone that is all screen — all touch pad screen, to be exact. ..."Device manufacturers want to have larger and larger LCDs, so suddenly you need to have a touch input system on top of the LCD — and that's what we're suggesting here," said Mandi Mena, senior corporate marketing manager for Synaptics. ...This creates new possibilities such as assigning functions to two-finger taps, closing tasks by swiping an "X" over them, performing drag and drop applications, and answering the phone by simply pressing it next to your face. ...The two companies worked together to develop the phone, which uses Synaptics' ClearPad touch screen technology and interaction design with Pilotfish's user interface and industrial design. ..."We see the enabled ClearPad technology as something that can be applicable to remote controls or any sort of handheld device that is experiencing the same content overload that mobile phones are experiencing today," Mena said.

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