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+ - ACM and the Professional Programmer->

Submitted by CowboyRobot
CowboyRobot (671517) writes "Vint Cerf was a co-designer of the TCP/IP protocols and can rightly claim to be one of the "Fathers of the Internet." He's a vice president at Google and was president of the ACM from 2012-2014. On behalf of that organization, he has an essay that gently questions the relevance of the ACM now that so many (most?) software engineers and other computer science professionals are not members, and may not have formal CS education at all. As he puts it: "The question that occupies my mind, especially as the membership in ACM has not grown in a way commensurate with the evident growth of programmers, is whether and how ACM can adapt its activities and offerings to increase the participation of these professionals.""
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ACM and the Professional Programmer

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