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Submission + - CIA rendition jet was waiting in Europe to kidnap Snowden 5

Frosty Piss writes: As Edward Snowden made his dramatic escape to Russia a year ago, a secret US government jet previously employed in CIA 'rendition' flights on which terror suspects disappeared into 'black' imprisonment flew into Europe in a bid to spirit him back to the United States. On the evening of 24 June 2013, an unmarked Gulfstream V business jet took off from a quiet commercial airport 30 miles from a Washington DC. regional airport discreetly offers its clients 'the personal accommodations and amenities you can't find at commercial airports'. On its best-known mission, the jet flew a U.S. marshals into the UK on to collect radical cleric Abu Hamza after the United States won an extradition order against him. Only Vladimir Putin's intransigence saved Snowden from a similar travel package. The jet's activities can be followed on many flight tracking websites such as FlightAware
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CIA rendition jet was waiting in Europe to kidnap Snowden

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  • My premium Flightaware account only lets me look back 4 months. There's a 2014 copyright on the image, which might mean that Sept. '13 data was the earliest FA would serve. Also the route info looks odd.
    There are other historical data services with more depth... anyone?

    • by theNAM666 (179776)

      Can't search by tail # on FlightStats. FA allows purchase of deeper historical data in Excel format, but I don't see a way to get the graph above in 2014.

      • by theNAM666 (179776)

        Flightstats reports no flights from Manassas to Copenhagen on 24-JUN-2013 FWIW.

        • by SpzToid (869795)

          FWIW, shows nothing. The only reason I included this mention, was to help provide others with a more complete list of flight tracking services, (I just picked up two new ones today!).


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