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+ - Serena Revamps Dimensions CM To Compete With Git and Subversion

Submitted by rjmarvin
rjmarvin (3001897) writes "The updated release of Dimensions CM 14 wants to be the modern alternative to Git and Subversion. lOne of the major additions to the configuration management tool is change and branch visualization. The visualization gives developers real-time visibility into the health and quality of their code. According to Serena Software's Ashley Owen, developers don’t get a visual display of all development activities in Git or Subversion unless they build it, and Dimensions CM 14 also comes with native integration support for Appcelerator’s mobile development platform, Apple’s Xcode, extended Safari support to include Mac OS X clients, CI integration and built-in Araxis file merge."
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Serena Revamps Dimensions CM To Compete With Git and Subversion

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