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Submission + - Microsoft drops support for IE 8->

Billly Gates writes: With the death of XP it is no surprise if other ancient software with it such as IE 6 no longer become supported. However, IE 8 is still the de factor standard browser right now for the majority of internet users. This is especially in China and enterprises world wide who are not ready for HMTL 5 yet and need support for unsigned ActiveX controls and older encryption standards for specific sites.
Microsoft no longer supports IE 8 and will perform security updates according to its default homepage for first time IE use.

Where I work we use unprotected mode as it is to run sites designed for IE 7 and for state governments who still use quirks mode for Medicare processing.

Now IE has it's first known vulnerability since the EOL for both Windows XP and now IE 8. Should we IT professionals worry? We were given no advanced notice unlike XP!

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Microsoft drops support for IE 8

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