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Submitted by Iddo Genuth
Iddo Genuth (903542) writes "Earlier today Lytro introduced a new light-field camera called Illum. This is the second camera with this innovative technology from the California based company founded in 2006. The new camera is a more advanced version of the first camera introduced in 2012. It has a much larger sensor with 4 times the resolution (Lytro still uses the term megarays instead of megapixels), a much larger and longer zoom lens with an impressive f/2 constant aperture and of course the ability to refocus after you take a picture (the new Illum can refocus on many more points in the image compared to the older version). You will also have more control of the camera, larger screen, and the ability to create regular JPEG images or videos made from the refocused images you capture."
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Hands on with the New Lytro Illum Light-Field Camera

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