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+ - Autoplay is Vile

Submitted by whisper_jeff
whisper_jeff (680366) writes "For some odd reason, Facebook has decided to burn user's bandwidth with autoplay video clips rather than leaving the user to make a choice whether or not to click should they wish to watch a video (because one click must be hard...). Not wishing to be outdone, Slashdot has decided to jump on the autoplay bandwagon with possibly the most useless autoplay ever — audio clips that robotically read the content of the page you're reading. Now, it may just be an April Fools joke but, if not, short of disabling the "feature" or providing an easy way for users to turn it off, this will be the straw that breaks this camel's back and will be the end of me being a regular Slashdot reader. And, if it's an April Fools joke, it's moronic because, for the remainder of the day, I won't be reading Slashdot because, quite frankly, autoplay media is just that annoying. And we all know driving away readers is good for business..."
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Autoplay is Vile

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