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+ - Steve Jobs Smiled After Getting Google Employee Fired For Recruiting Apple Man->

Submitted by concertina226
concertina226 (2447056) writes "Freshly unsealed court documents show that Steve Jobs emailed Eric Schmidt a smiley face emoticon :) after getting a Google employee instantly fired for attempting to recruit an Apple engineer by email.

Schmidt and Jobs agreed an illegal and secret non-solicitation pact in 2005 which broke US antitrust laws by agreeing not to poach employees from each other. Their agreement eventually spread across the tech recruitment market in Silicon Valley.

Now an enormous class-action lawsuit encompassing 64,000 engineers is underway, brought by five engineers who used to work for the six companies who claim that their former employers conspired to suppress wages to "artificially low levels", and court documents have recently been unsealed containing a series of incriminating emails sent between Schmidt and Jobs."

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Steve Jobs Smiled After Getting Google Employee Fired For Recruiting Apple Man

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