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+ - Microsoft snooped on hotmail account without warrant to catch windows 8 leaker 1

Submitted by realized
realized (2472730) writes "An update to the earlier story on slashdot, about an Ex-Microsoft Employee being arrested for leaking windows 8 more information has recently come to light.

Outlined by gizmodo, Microsoft searched a hotmail account without a warrant because they felt it had "evidence of a criminal act that met a standard comparable to that required to obtain a legal"

You can read the the indictment here that includes microsoft coming clean.

According to Microsoft, it was ok because.. "As part of the investigation, we took the step of a limited review of this third party's Microsoft operated accounts. While Microsoft's terms of service make clear our permission for this type of review, this happens only in the most exceptional circumstances""
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Microsoft snooped on hotmail account without warrant to catch windows 8 leaker

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