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+ - This Will Be The Fastest, Most Luxurious Hovercraft Ever

Submitted by cartechboy
cartechboy (2660665) writes "The current hovercraft speed record is 56.25 mph, but records are meant to be broken, right? Mercier-Jones thinks so, and it plans to smash that record with its new Supercraft hovercraft. It's being billed as the Bugatti Veyron of hovercrafts, with a top speed of around 80 mph, the Supercraft shouldn't have to break a sweat to set a new hovercraft speed record. At a speed of about 40 mph the Supercraft should have a range of about 120 miles with a hover height of seven inches off the ground. It's powered by a 60-horsepower twin-rotor engine, pair of electric motors, an a lithium-ion battery pack. Mercier-Jones says it makes for a thrust-to-weight ratio of 0.208 which is the same as a B-2 Spirit stealth bomber. The cost of all this? A cool $75,000, and deliveries start in May. Ladies and gentlemen, a Chicago-based company just introduced the future. Are you ready?"
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This Will Be The Fastest, Most Luxurious Hovercraft Ever

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