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Nerval's Lobster writes: If you’re going to make up a cool-sounding job title for yourself, “Data Scientist” seems to fit the bill. When you put “Data Scientist” on your resume, recruiters perk up, don’t they? Go to the Strata conference and look on the jobs board—every company wants to hire Data Scientists. Time to jump aboard that bandwagon, right? Wrong, argues Miko Matsumura in a new column. "Not only is Data Science not a science, it’s not even a good job prospect," he writes. "Companies continue to burn millions of dollars to collect and gamely pick through the data under respective roofs. What’s the time-to-value of the average 'Big Data' project? How about 'Never'?" After the “Big Data” buzz cools a bit, he argues, it will be clear to everyone that “Data Science” is dead and the job function of “Data Scientist” will have jumped the shark.
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'Data Science' is Dead

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