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+ - S. Korea's Cyberwar Against N. Korea's Nukes

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "Yonhap News Agency reports that South Korea has announced its developing offensive cyber capabilities to target North Korea’s nuclear facilities. Yonhap speculates the cyber tools will be similar to the Stuxnet computer virus the U.S. used against Iran’s uranium enrichment program.

A report in The Diplomat questions this assertion, noting that a Stuxnet-like virus would only temporarily disrupt Pyongyang’s ability to build more nuclear weapons, while doing nothing to address its existing ones. Instead, The Diplomat suggests Seoul is interested in developing cyber capabilities that temporarily disable North Korea’s ability to launch nuclear missiles, which would be consistent with Seoul's efforts to develop precision-guided missiles to preemptively destroy Pyongyang’s nuclear and missile facilities."
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S. Korea's Cyberwar Against N. Korea's Nukes

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