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+ - How to dazzle facial recognition algos?-> 1

Submitted by sandbagger
sandbagger (654585) writes "Dazzle painting was that zebra striping used during the Great War to make surface ships difficult to follow in the foggy North Atlantic. Similar cosmetic pattern breaking may be proving useful in confusing facial recognition. Adding moth-like cosmetic paint daubs to the cheeks appears to break at least some facial recognition software. What's your experience, and, theoretically at least, what are its uses. (If anyone at Fort Meade is reading this, this is just a purely theoretical exercise.)"
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How to dazzle facial recognition algos?

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  • "Hard to follow" is itself hard to follow. The shades and colors and hard lines made it difficult for German stereo rangefinders to lock on, it made it difficult for submarines to determine the shape and length which were necessary for proper range, speed, and angle estimates, and in general it made target identification slower and more uncertain.

    It wasn't zebra striping either. It was bizarre blocky shapes, always with straight edges, and there was a lot of color. The reason so many people think it blac

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