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+ - Rock Band Radiohead Releases a Trippy Video Game

Submitted by SlappingOysters
SlappingOysters writes: Legendary rock pioneer Radiohead is getting into gaming, with a typically trippy flourish, too. Grab It Magazine is reporting that the band has just released the game PolyFauna for free onto the App Store, and as you'll see from the gameplay footage, it's a bit of a mind melt. You explore these altered reality worlds inspired by the song Bloom from the album King of Limbs. What you're exploring for is left ambiguous, but it remains quite the experience and it's free after all. This is not the first time a musician has dabbled in game making. Bjork released a pretty special experience called Biophilia, while UNKLE founder James Lavelle recently announced God of Light.
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Rock Band Radiohead Releases a Trippy Video Game

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