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+ - Slashdot Beta: Because They Hate You 3

Submitted by boolithium
boolithium (1030728) writes "People on here are missing the point of the Beta roll out. The elimination of the existing user base is not a side effect, it is a feature. Slashdot as a brand has value, but as a site has limited commercial appeal. The users are the kids at the lunch table, where not even the foreign exchange students want to sit. Nobody ever got laid from installing NetBSD.

Once they are finished with their nerd cleansing, they can build a new Slashdot. A sexier Slashdot. A Slashdot the kids can dance to.

They aren't ignoring you. They are exterminating you."
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Slashdot Beta: Because They Hate You

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  • ...this isn't so much a New Coke blunder as it is a way to replace the existing "made with real sugar Coke" user base with a "made with HFCS Coke Classic" user base, so that they can have SlashingtonPost without complaints.

    I mean, how can this place be a real web site? It never has any Kardashian stories.

    I think I have way they can do that with which we could live if we're willing to keep everything about the site except the name, and let them slap it on beta and try to milk it.

    http://slashdot.org/submissi [slashdot.org]

  • That is pretty much exactly what's going on. They've written down the value of /. to 0, they don't care about us at all. http://www.twst.com/update/388... [twst.com]

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