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+ - Making rare metal by mixing the two metals on both sides of the periodic table-> 1

Submitted by wingwatcher
wingwatcher (1022019) writes "Prof. Hiroshi Kitagawa in Kyoto Univ made artificial Rhodium (45) by mixing Ruthenium (44) and Palladium (46). The price of artificial Rhodium is US $4-14 per gram, and the price of natural Rhodium is US $40 per gram. Kitagawa said "It was a simple idea. We want to make other rare metals by the same way". This is alchemy."
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Making rare metal by mixing the two metals on both sides of the periodic table

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  • Prof. Kitagawa has developed a Ruthenium/Palladium alloy that displays certain characteristics of elemental Rhodium. He has not performed alchemy; there was no transmutation or any such hoo-hah.

    What is it with science reporting these days? Are facts not more important than 'buzz'? (I ask rhetorically).

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