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Submission + - What's The Best Programming Language To Learn First? ( 3

jfruh writes: Sure, your first programming language was probably BASIC on the Apple IIe or Atari 800. But what should the kids today learn? Matthew Mombrea takes a systematic look at the question, considering it in light of which languages are the most commercially useful and which lay a good foundation for learning other useful languages.
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What's The Best Programming Language To Learn First?

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  • Everyone says that Python is an awesome beginner's language. I think it depends. I like php, but most people say that it's not a real programming language (it's a scripting language but it has many of the same conventions so it feels like a programming language). I like it because I can build things with it that are easily accessible by others and I can see the results of my work almost right away. The best language is the one that gets you where you want to go. If they're just starting, they should ch
    • I mainly agree, but the most valuble lesson I think you learn from python is readability.

      This is (should be?) big for marketability.

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