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+ - Ask Slashdot: Why do mobile versions of websites suck? 4

Submitted by Kelbear
Kelbear (870538) writes "As user traffic over mobile devices grows in leaps and bounds, it's surprising to me as a layman that so many companies still have crippled and broken mobile pages in late 2013. There must be justifiable reasons for this, so: Fellow Slashdotters, can you please share the obstacles you've seen in your own companies that have delayed or defeated efforts to develop competent mobile sites? Are the issues in obtaining or maintaining compatibility driven by platform owners like Apple and Google?"
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Ask Slashdot: Why do mobile versions of websites suck?

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  • The reason is the same for all web pages, and it is that the boss wants it to look that way. You can be the best web designer in the world and build the most beautiful, accessible, and usable sites in existence, but when the boss says "I think a picture of a flying bird would look good here, don't you?" you always end up saying "yes sir!", because, after all, the job market still sucks and he can get a dozen just like you for half the price in an hour.

  • The purpose of a mobile site is to have a reduced core set of critical functions that allow mobile users to interact with the site without as much clutter as the full featured desktop version of the website. It is only the people that have no idea what the purpose of a mobile site is for start complaining about the lack of features (calling it crippled) as compared to the desktop version. Why would a company spend thousands or millions on a full featured mobile site when they already have a full featured

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