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+ - When devices update - bandwith quota sucked dry 1

Submitted by wallydallas
wallydallas (1483081) writes "I'm close to a solution, but I wonder how other people block their many devices and operating systems from updating in working hours?

For example:

I'm the IT guy who blocks ipads from updating when school is in session because we are in a rural location. 3mbps is the best WAN we can buy. Devices can update after hours just fine. We do this with our router (DDWRT) by blocking MESU.APPLE.COM

Many guests bring in Windows 7 laptops, and I want to welcome them, but not their updates.

How can I block updates on Android Phones and Linux Laptops?

I have a 4G device at home, and I'd like to apply the same tricks 24 hours a day so that I don't use up the bandwith from my vendor. And my many home visitors should have their updates blocked.

Thanks, Wally"
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When devices update - bandwith quota sucked dry

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  • That will be a problem !
    the software repos are very distributed
    and every distro uses it's own mirror list
    and to add to the issue will be plugins like " fast-mirror" that will set the system to use a miror that is local and NOT use the default mirror list
    so you will need a block list for very distro on "distrowatch"
    and every mirror each one uses

    and that might be a problem "ibiblio" is a major mirror, and so is " Arctic Region Supercomputing Center "

    for example just CentOS 6.5 uses these mirrors
    http://www.ce []

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