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giantwheeler (3463837) writes "3D scanning has now come to our living rooms. Think of Kinect. It is possible to build 3D models of our furniture, our rooms as well as ourselves.

But what about outdoors? Outdoors is a different story as these devices have to compete with strong sunlight. The result is 3D scans with very low quality. If we are making an autonomous car or an outdoor robot, we need to do high quality 3D scanning outdoors. We also want systems that are fast, low power, cheap and small.

Does this sound too much to ask for?

Researchers in the computer vision lab at Columbia University have shown that these things are possible. By concentrating light smartly according to how strong the sunlight is, they have achieved high quality 3D scans of outdoor scenes even with very low power devices. With low power light sources such as pico projectors becoming popular, this could lead to next generation "Kinect" devices that work outdoors. Details at"

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Outdoor Kinect: 3D Scanning in Sunlight

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