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+ - How Steve Jobs Got the Liver He Needed in Memphis

Submitted by theodp
theodp (442580) writes "The Commercial Appeal's Marc Perrusquia takes an in-depth look into how Steve Jobs got the liver he needed in Memphis. "Steve Jobs' 2009 liver transplant in Memphis gave the tech icon two more years of life," Perrusquia begins. "It gave life, too, to a complicated, divisive debate over multiple listing, the legal but little-known practice of getting on waiting lists at two or more hospitals. Though it favors the rich, multiple listing is giving numbers of ordinary Americans a chance. A chance to survive. A chance for a new life." Adding fuel to the controversy over Jobs' transplant is a new revelation that before calling 'dibs' on a mansion purchased by Jobs for his recuperation, the Apple CEO's liver transplant surgeon took up residence in the two-story 5,800-square-foot Italianate home for a period of two years during which time Jobs' lawyer and friend, SF attorney George Riley (who's also worked as Apple's outside counsel), personally covered the estate's property taxes and utilities. "It strikes me as a potential conflict of interest," said NYU bioethicist Arthur Caplan. "It strikes me as straining ethical credulity to have him there saying, 'Well, you know, I just lived here. I was just lucky. And this guy just chose to pay my rent.'""
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How Steve Jobs Got the Liver He Needed in Memphis

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