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+ - Scientists Promise 10x Faster Fibre Optic Networks via Nyquist Sinc Light Pulses->

Submitted by Mark.JUK
Mark.JUK (1222360) writes "A group of scientists working at one of Switzerland’s two Federal Institutes of Technology have published a new paper in Nature, which reveals how the performance of existing fibre optic networks could be boosted by shortening the distance between pulses of laser light using a Nyquist sinc pulse.

In simple terms the team were able to change the shape of the spectrum to be more rectangular, which meant that the pulses could interfere but the point at which they’re read remains clear (i.e. equivalent to reducing the space between the pulses). It’s claimed that the feat, which was achieved with a simple laser and modulator, could help to deliver speeds that are ten times faster than today’s."

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Scientists Promise 10x Faster Fibre Optic Networks via Nyquist Sinc Light Pulses

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