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+ - Project Free TV, YIFY, PrimeWire blocked in the UK->

Submitted by hypnosec
hypnosec writes: Movie industry in the UK is having a ball as far as blocking of sites allegedly involved in piracy is concerned as courts have asked UK ISPs to enforce a blockade on Project Free TV, YIFY, PrimeWire and others in its latest order. Getting a torrent or steaming site blocked in the UK is a mere paperwork formality since ISPs have completely stopped defending against these orders. As it stands a total of 33 sites have been blocked in the UK including The Pirate Bay, BitSnoop, ExtraTorrent, Torrentz, 1337x, Fenopy, H33T, KickAssTorrents, among others.
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Project Free TV, YIFY, PrimeWire blocked in the UK

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