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+ - French PM Vows To Use All Means In Manhunt Underway After Paris Shooting Spree->

Submitted by cold fjord
cold fjord (826450) writes "The Wall Street Journal reports, "Police were conducting a frantic manhunt Monday for a gunman suspected in two shootings and a brief hostage-taking that stunned Paris and which authorities were treating as possibly terrorist-related. ... Authorities seemed to be at a loss as to the gunman's identity or motive, and appealed for witnesses to come forward to help track him down. ... "Our main lead is that there is a single perpetrator," prosecutor François Molins told a news conference. ... Monday's violence began midmorning when a man opened fire at the headquarters of the left-leaning Libération ... A 33-year-old photographer's assistant was hit near the heart and "is in intensive care with life-threatening injuries," ... About two hours later, a gunman appeared outside the headquarters of the French bank Société Générale SA ... The man fired shots but no one was hurt there ... The assailant then fled, taking one man hostage and forcing him to drive to the Champs Élysées in central Paris. The shooter got out in front of the luxury George V hotel and fled on foot ... The prosecutor said police believe the same suspect appeared on video captured last week at the offices of the all-news channel BFMTV. ... Pulling a shotgun from a large bag, the man armed it before threatening one of the network's staffers ... " — More at NBC News."
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French PM Vows To Use All Means In Manhunt Underway After Paris Shooting Spree

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