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+ - Ikea France Executives Arrested Over Claims They Spied On Customers And Staff->

Submitted by cold fjord
cold fjord (826450) writes "The Economic Times reports, "Two executives at IKEA France were being questioned by police Monday as part of a probe into allegations the company illegally used police files to spy on staff and customers ... IKEA France's CEO, and CFO ... were formally detained for questioning by police in Versailles ... prosecutors launched a criminal probe in April 2012 following allegations that IKEA paid for illegal access to secret police files to gain information about employees and clients. ... IKEA France subsequently fired four employees, launched an internal inquiry and established a code of conduct ... Four civilian police employees have also been charged and are suspected of having been paid by IKEA in exchange for confidential police files.""
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Ikea France Executives Arrested Over Claims They Spied On Customers And Staff

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