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+ - Aussie Teacher Faces Child Pornography Charges Over Impersonating 13-Year Old->

Submitted by beaverdownunder
beaverdownunder (1822050) writes "An Adelaide teacher is facing sentencing over child pornography charges brought about after he impersonated a 13-year old girl in an on-line chat forum. The Australian Broadcasting Corporation reports: 'Grant Geoffrey Martin, 45, pleaded guilty to two charges of producing child pornography, one of them aggravated.

The District Court was told that between June last year and February this year, Martin pretended to be a teenage girl on an online child sex slave chat site and produced written pornographic material about children.'

"He told police he didn't know his actions constituted criminal activity. Clearly he understands the offending is serious but having said that it is not as serious as if he was possessing images of child victims," his lawyer said."

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Aussie Teacher Faces Child Pornography Charges Over Impersonating 13-Year Old

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