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+ - Search Engine Giant Yandex Launches Cocaine, A Cloud Service To Compete With Goo->

Submitted by quantr
quantr (1722336) writes "Russian search giant Yandex has launched an open-source platform as a service (PaaS) called Cocaine that the company says allows developers to build out their own app engines. Yandex, in its documentation, describes Cocaine as an open-source PaaS system for creating custom cloud-hosting apps that are similar to Google App Engine or Heroku. It supports C++, Python and JavaScript. It is now developing support for Java and Racket.
Yandex uses Docker as the technology for infrastructure virtualization and app isolation on the Cocaine platform. Docker is a lightweight container that can run in almost any environment and is becoming one of the most important open-source technologies for a new class of cloud services, including CoreOS. Red Hat has adopted Docker for OpenShift, its own PaaS."

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Search Engine Giant Yandex Launches Cocaine, A Cloud Service To Compete With Goo

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