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+ - SPAM: Samsung Galaxy S5 to Launch in January 2014

Submitted by jarold
jarold (2974817) writes "Samsung is set to launch Galaxy S5 as early as January 2014. According to Naver, a South Korean site owned by some former Samsung employees, the follow up device in the Galaxy S series, could be unveiled at Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas or at Mobile World Congress, Barcelona in February 2014.

The predecessor S4 would only be 9 months old by then. Why in such a hurry? Samsung is wary about the slow sales of S4. Furthermore, the tech giant, intends to feature 64-bit, eight-core Exynos processor. Other rumors cite that a fingerprint sensor could also be included in the upgrade.

Galaxy S4 became the fastest selling Samsung smartphone in the company history with over 10 million sales in less than a month after launch. Do you think the same success could be replicated by Galaxy S5?"

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Samsung Galaxy S5 to Launch in January 2014

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